Ministry of Transport

Construction Cost

235 million SAR

Services Performed

  • Preliminary Design  and
  • Final Design Studies,
  • Preparing of Tender  Documents

Project Components

  • Prince Naif, grade seperated I/C with 1.2 km/3-lane dual carriageway including 2.6 km. of 2-lane single carriageway links.
  • Aramco, grade seperated I/C with 2.5 km/3-lane dual carriageway including 2 km. of 2-lane dual carriageway links.


Two major I/C.s to the west of KSA with a design speed of 100km/hr. including multi-span bridges. The project scope includes the preliminary / final design studies in addtion to the preparation of tender documents. The I/C. Designs comprises of total 4.6 km. link roads with a design speed of 80km/hr that will serve for nearby local settlements.

The design approach for grade seperation  I/C.s includes up to 5 span – 170m. long crossing structures located on both urban/rural  project areas.