General Directorate of Highways

Services Performed

  • Preliminary & Final Design of Landscape.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Tender Documents.

Project Components

  • 11km of 3-lane dual carriageway
  • 3 interchanges.
  • 10 overpasses, 7 underpasses.
  • 2 toll plazas


Preliminary and final designs, environmental impact studies including public health , air and water quality, as well as pollution mitigation, in addition to the design of hardscape, soft escape, irrigation schemes, aesthetic lighting, hydrological surveys, and technical assistance during construction of an 11-km, dual 3-lane motorway, including 5km access roads, 3 grade-separated      interchanges,            6 channelised at-grade intersections, 2 motorway bridges, 10 overpasses, 7 underpasses, 2 toll areas and 74 box culverts. Duties also comprised review of the site investigation programme, preparation of a geotechnical report for the earthworks and foundations recommendations.