Ministry of Transport

Construction Cost

235 million SAR

Services Performed

  • Alignment Selection
  • Preliminary & Final Design

Project Components

  • 20 km of 2/3-lane dual carriageway,
  • 3 grade-seperated interchanges,
  • 9000 m2of road crossing structure.


Khurais primary roads are the main road network for Khurais settlement nearby Riyadh area where the terrain is generally flat. The project comprises of the preliminary and final design of 12 km of 2/3 lane dual carriageway that forms a rectengular network pattern. The connections of the Khurais Primary roads to existing Dammam-Riyadh roads are either from the new I/C designed within the project scope or through Prince Walid I/C that is under construction. The scope comprises the detailed design of the drainage works and its relevant structures in addition to the crossing bridges at new interchanges.