General Directorate of Highways

Services Performed

  • Preliminary & Final Design of Landscape.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Tender Documents.

Project Components

  • 62km of 3-lane dual carriageway
  • 11 interchanges.
  • 2 twin tube tunnels.
  • 5 overpasses, 31 underpasses.
  • 6 wadi bridges.


Socio-economic analysis, financial and economic evaluation, environmental impact studies including public health, air and water quality, as well as pollution mitigation, in addition to the design of hardscape, soft escape, irrigation schemes, aesthetic lighting  and tender documents for a 62 km motorway (passing through a seismic zone), with 11-grade separated interchanges, 2 twin-tube tunnels (1.200 and 500 m in length ), 5 viaducts, 125 box culverts, 9 overpasses, 31 underpasses, 5 motorway bridges, 6  river bridges, and parking, service, maintenance and toll areas. Works included storm water drainage, landscaping, lighting and safety features.