Ministry of Transport.

Construction Cost

3,775,000,000 SAR

Services Performed

  • Concept Design.
  • Preliminary Design.
  • Final Design.
  • Tender Documents.


The design output comprises of two channels; a 27 kilometer segment north of Jeddah, which will mainly convey the discharge from Wadi Asfan; and a 35 kilometer segment south of Jeddah, which will handle the discharges from Wadi Fatma. The main objectives of the JRR channel are:

  • To protect the second ring road and the city of Jeddah from flood risks.
  • Constructing a main channel to act as a backbone that serves the current and future residential areas on the east side of the second ring road.
  • The channel will help in decreasing the design discharges heading to the current eastern channel and will also decrease the flood risks at Obhur Gulf.
  • The south channel will be used to protect the southern area of Jeddah from flood risks of Wadi Fatma and will also protect the future residential areas in the city of Jeddah.